DiningDiarySquare-150x150 MA has become a fan of chargrilled oysters. Something about zinc. These are consumed only with restrictions. Which are:
Preferably small
Well done
A lot of cheese
So it was no surprise when the lunch suggestion of Acme came up, because she considers these the closest to meeting her criteria. And she likes the coleslaw. No one has to ask me twice to go to Acme.

We were surprised by manager Jeff Mitchell, who told us he was sending a new item to the table.
Crabmeat stuffed mushrooms, which he says he’s been trying to add to the menu for years.

Six to an order, these were big meaty mushrooms brimming over with crabmeat and topped with toasty bread crumbs. Not brilliant, but a great new addition to the menu.

MA switched from her favorite coleslaw to jambalaya, which she the connoisseur declares a good brown one. I got Oysters Remoulade, a generous order of nine fried oysters with a good remoulade. Smallish, but they still hit the spot.

A discussion ensued with Jeff about the grilled oysters. MA is concerned about the use of margarine in this local favorite dish. Turns out Acme uses mostly butter for these. Whew!
A little less of a food phobia for MA. Don’t know why this matters to her because dipping bread in the sauce is out of the question. French bread doesn’t meet her bread standards any more. Hard to keep up.

After a good show at home, I wanted a drink. This time MA came up with the idea of the bar at Chimes. I got an old-fashioned, giving me the opportunity to regale the waitress with my story of the dumb waitress and the “old-fashioned what?” We had some slightly-better-than-ordinary fries
which MA says I get too much because she’s too tempted to eat them. Also on the table were more chargrilled oysters, upping MA’s intake today to four.

Acme Oyster House
1202 N. Hwy 190 Covington

19130 W Front St Covington