DiningDiarySquare-150x150 My wife surprised me yesterday by deviating from our predictable Monday lunch. Monday is my designated at home radio show, set in stone when I was singing with NPAS. (I have to get back to that.)

Our order at New Orleans Food and Spirits in downtown Covington is as predictable as our weekly visits there. A half dozen chargrilled oysters to start, followed by pecan catfish with a side of red beans for me, and grilled shrimp over a small spinach salad for MA.

But right before our departure, MA remembered that she wanted to try Sticks BBQ, because she was curious about the name change from Sticks and Bones, and just as curious about a second location on Hwy 22 in Mandeville. After an obstacle course of construction to get there, I arrived to MA seated and eating. “I fully expected you’d give up and go somewhere else, so I ordered,” she announced when I arrived. She was also talking to Chef Duke and his wife Kelly, who are obviously regulars here. The place was completely full, so they have comfortably settled in. The owner’s wife had been talking to MA for awhile as she waited for me, and she talked about how the community had welcomed them as Houston transplants. She also told MA that they changed the name from Sticks and Bones because they got tired of people calling them Sticks and Stones.

In front of MA was a small plate brimming with three halves of a baked potato. Potato skins, they called them. They were potato halves covered in pimiento cheese, choice of meat, and coleslaw on top. MA got pulled pork, and this was quite good. And unique. We had these before here, when the original owner of then Sticks and Bones created this dish. There was also a platter of ribs and brisket tips, as well as coleslaw and baked beans. With Texas toast, of course.

The beans were okay but nothing special, the coleslaw very good. The ribs were the way I like them, chewy. But also dry. MA was not a fan. She likes them softer, falling off the bone. The brisket tips tasted good but we kept getting pieces that were mostly fat. After I arrived MA ordered fries because they are fresh cut here, and they were good.

At the next table Duke got the special, a turkey club, And Kelly got chicken wings, which looked great. Maybe next time.

Sticks BBQ
1770 Hwy 59 Mandeville
Hwy 22 Mandeville

After the show, which was definitely not one of the better ones, MA felt sorry for me and offered dinner, something she wouldn’t ordinarily do. This time we went to New Orleans Food and Spirits and got our usual order, and now the world returned to spinning on its proper axis.

New Orleans Food and Spirits
208 Lee Lane Covington
210 Old Hammond Hwy Metairie
2330 Lapalco Blvd . Harvey